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Asphalt Crawler Paver

Asphalt Crawler Paver

Asphalt Crawler Paver is a machine that is utilized to distribute, shape and compact the layer of asphalt on the surface of a roadway or other area. Usually it is self propelled but sometimes it is towed by the dump truck delivering the asphalt. Screed and the tractor are the two major components of the crawler asphalt plant.

Asphalt crawler paver has a track drive in which the left and right variable-speed hydraulic drive motors and two-speed planetary gears are bolted to the drive hubs. Engine, hydraulic drives and controls, drive wheels or tracks, receiving hopper, feeder conveyors, and distribution augers are the important components of the tractors.


Asphalt crawler pavers are important machinery that are utilized for various infrastructural projects. They are mainly used in the following areas :

  • Paving roads
  • Maintenance of roads
  • Highways
  • Parking lot
  • Building of ports etc.

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