Tower Crane

Tower Crane

tower crane is used to build very tall buildings. The crane be on the ground or on a floor in the building. As each floor is built, the crane is moved up. Tower cranes are one of the most important device that is used for the construction of huge buildings. They are a common fixture at any major construction site. They are used to lift steel, concrete, large tools like acetylene torches and generators, and a wide variety of other building materials.

Tower cranes have distinct advantages over conventional lattice boom crawlers or truck cranes because the boom or jib looms high above the work site. The tower cranes jib can place its load anywhere within the radius of operation without interfering with the structure over which it swings. In addition, the operator can either be on crane or control the crane remotely using instrumentation located on the building structure, while enjoying an excellent view of the load and its surroundings at all limes.

The use of tower crane has become synonymous with medium- to high-rise construction, be it for buildings or for bridges, dams, cooling towers, etc. tower cranescan be fixed or can be mounted on rails. In the latter case, it is referred to as travelling tower crane. Sites with multiple tower cranes in operation are very common these days, especially for fast-track construction projects.

Mechanical Operations

For the construction of tall buildings they are indispensable machine. The important components of the tower crane are horizontal boom, long and short arm, mounted cabin, lifting hook, etc. Across the top of the tower horizontal tower is balanced asymmetrically. Counterweight of the concrete block is balanced by short arm whereas long arm carries the lifting gear. The lifting hook of the crane is set into motion by the pulleys. The crane is operated by the operated either from the crane cabin, or from the ground using radio remote control. The boom which is mounted on slewing bearing is rotated by means of a slewing motor.


Tower cranes are utilized for construction of various projects like:

  • Sky scrapers
  • Multistory buildings
  • Convention centers
  • Huge industrial projects etc.

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