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The gantry cranes that lift your productivity.

YJCrane is a company that has always cared about engineering and manufacturing practical, robust, and durable lifting solutions. For more than 20 years, we have been innovating our equipment with thoughtful, customer requested capabilities. We have been able to do this because we listen to our most important advisors, our customers. We know that our customers understand their business better than we ever could and because of that, we allow them to guide the innovations we engineer into our lifting solutions.

Having a partner like YJCrane involved in your business is like having an engineering staff at your disposal without the overhead associated with it. From straight forward lifting solutions to the most complex and highly differentiated requirements, you can count on us to help you solve them. We challenge you to challenge us with your most difficult material handling issues.

Superior engineering backed by the best warranty in the industry.

YJCrane’s Articulated Pivot Trunion allows for the frame of our crane to flex under uneven terrain without causing structural damage or risking the safety of the load.

180 degree swivel seat reduces operator fatigue and safety issues by reducing the need for the operator to turn around in his seat while managing a load. Direct Line reeving straight to the hoisting drums prevents premature wear and tear of wire rope.

Superior Paint allows our cranes to maintain their appearance far beyond our closest competitor. Superior painting also buffers the steel from the elements and provides corrosion resistance.

POWDER COATED CARBON STEL HYDRAULIC TUBING, Cadmium Coated Bolts, and Zinc Plated Pins mean that our fasteners resist corrosion and oxidation due to exposure to the elements. Simple touches like these make our cranes structurally superior.

Five beam Construction provides increased stability and structural consistency for loads. You can trust our crane when a load is being handled.

Custom Spreaders Available. YJCrane can make your business a custom spreader and improve the overall efficiency and structural soundness of your current lifting capabilities.

Bottom beam mounted winches provide visibility and safety for operators. By having the winches mounted below our operators cab, the operator can visually see the winding of the cable and maintenance can be performed without having to climb a ladder or rent a manbasket.

YJCrane Models and Specifications

The ISL Models are the “work horses” of our line. The ISL is designed for higher duty cycles and to work all day long. The ISL can handle wide or narrow loads and has a five beam upper structure with heavier designed structural members. They have the ability to traverse a load both vertically and horizontally with two independent hoist controls and two independent traverse controls. The ISL has faster hoist speeds and a ground speed of approximately 3 miles per hour. It has a sit down, center mounted cab design with noise suppression, which helps buffer the operator from engine noise. Wheel fenders are standard on all ISL Models and wireless remote control is offered as an option.

The SL Model is designed for low duty cycle “pick and carry” type jobs. The SL can handle big loads and is narrower in width than the ISL. The SL has no traversing capabilities and is designed for vertical lifts only. The ground speed of the SL is approximately 1 mile per hour. The standard operators platform is a stand-up version with excellent visibility, and we offer wireless remote control as an option.

Superior manufacturing and service.

How we build them is why they perform so well.

At YJCrane, the attention to detail used when building our machines shows in our finished product. Each of our employees gives the utmost care to building our equipment and our quality control department is always looking out for our customers by discriminating against the slightest defects. When you combine highly focused people with great engineering design, you get the best Gantry crane available on the market today. YJCrane, you can believe in us!

Technology to aid you in ordering parts.

By working with your YJCrane dealers, you get the benefit of on-line parts ordering and a customer service team that is dedicated to helping you find the exact right part. We have made a substantial investment in information services and web technology to improve our customer service and help our customers receive the necessary parts to keep their equipment up and running. YJCrane will continue to make investments that add value to our customers in both service and parts capabilities. Our service department is staffed with qualified and experienced people that care deeply about the success of their customers.

Our dealers make the difference.

YJCrane has a deeply experienced network of dealers to help install and continue to service your equipment. Our dealers are highly qualified lifting professionals that we have selected distinctly to be on our team. We have chosen these dealers because they embody our beliefs about customer service and commitment. A YJCrane Gantry crane is an investment for your business and we understand how critical it is that you are up and running when you need to be. We keep this in mind when selecting dealers to represent our product.

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