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Roll Crusher, Roll Mill

Roll Crusher & Roll Mill

BossBuyer double-roll crushers are specialized machines for medium-strength, highly sticky materials such as limestone, marl and contaminated clay but also for coal, oil sands and overburden. A reduction ratio of up to 6:1 can be achieved, depending on the crushing behaviour of the material. They are solidly constructed and protected against overload: If an uncrushable foreign body (e.g. iron) enters the crusher one of the two rolls yields. After the foreign body has passed through, the roll is returned to its operating position by means of preloaded springs or hydraulic cylinders. A speed monitoring system can also be provided for the rolls.

BossBuyer roll mills are used for fine reduction processes with a low content of fines and for all materials even up to corundum. They are available with smooth or grooved surfaces. Both of the contra- rotating rolls are driven with a V-belt. The movable roll of the Sp-M/N model is kept under the necessary working pressure through preloaded springs. In the H-M/N model the working pressure is applied with hydraulic cylinders.

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