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Rule about crane brakes and restraints

(1) An overhead or gantry crane bridge which is powered shall be equipped with an operable brake, non-coasting mechanical drive, or other braking means. The brake or drive shall be capable of stopping the bridge within a distance, in feet, equal to 10% of the full load speed in feet per minute when traveling at full speed with full load.

(2) A trolley of a crane shall meet the requirements of subrule (1) of this rule.

(3) A crane that is being used out-of-doors shall have a positive mechanical restraint, such as, but not limited to, an automatic rail clamp, to secure the crane against wind movement while parked. If clamps act on the rail heads, beads or weld flash on the rail heads shall be ground off. A positive mechanical restraint shall be utilized when the crane is parked in an area where the potential exposure to wind is prevalent.

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